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FUZZY MALL 2  58"x49"


     Every few years like to do a self-portrait. I feel like probably everyone does this…it just gives me a chance to take a closer look at what's going on in this face.  For some reason, I’ve always liked taking selfies when I have a big ice beard.  I’ve probably only taken 20 selfies, and I’d say 12 of them, I have an iced-up face.  I've always identified as introverted. I grew up timid and am still very quiet( although I've been working on this for the past few years). I feel that I've presented myself as, matter of fact, cold. Black and White with literal ice on my face. I hide my personality from others, but there is colour behind the façade.  So before I started sewing this piece, I did a quick improvised colour-blocked quilt of bright yellows and neon greens.  I then attached it to the back with my trusted zigzag stitching. This allowed me to expose the colour when I cut into and peeled back this front.
     I also am of an age where my first email address was a .edu. I haven't lived my life on social media. I remember life before the internet. I get angry when my phone directly targets me. I still enjoy my privacy and struggle with the necessary presence an emerging artist must have online.  The cut lines and distortions mimic makeup that activists use to defeat facial recognition software.

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